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Achilles is a 15-year-old boy,

actor, singer/songwriter, author.

Achilles was born in Florence Italy, he was raised bilingual and lived in the Tuscan countryside, 
in Paris, London, and moved to Brighton in 2015.

He speaks English with a natural American accent and he is able to do an RP accent, 

He also speaks Italian and He is learning French.
Achilles has been studying acting and music from the age of 7.  

He once met Woody Allen and did an advert with Chris Hemsworth in London.
His more recent jobs are Worzel Gummidge a reboot of the classic series for BBC. He also starred as young Gus Savalas in "Autopsy the last hours of" in the episode "Telly Savalas" for ITV,  he is also featured in an episode of Raindogs a tv series for Netflix and BBC. 

He is very passionate about films, he likes researching movies and learning lots of techniques and about directors.
Achilles wrote and published his first book at the age of 12 (2020) about George Lucas and Steven Spielberg.
He received a letter (2021) from George Lucas himself thanking him.

Achilles loves doing movie and book reviews for Cinema Stars Entertainment.

Achilles is a vinyl record collector and he is an indie/alternative rock music connoisseur.
He is good friends with Herbie Flowers David Bowie’s Bassist. That friendship started his passion for the bass guitar and electric guitars.

Achilles is into music: he is attending BIMM music college and he studies music production currently composing his own music. He released his first single on Spotify in December of 2021 and his music video is on Youtube.

He performed his first gig at the music venue the Latest Music Bar in Brighton on the 10th of July 2022. 

He auditioned for the The National Youth Theatre, London and he got accepted in May of 2023, to train in courses with renowned individuals. 

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